Temporary home page (for 8+ years)

Thank you Google gods for the free hosting.

Finally, my domain is back up and hosted. Oh and what's this? Free?! Yes!

Google is the greatest.

This page is really old and running on Google Sites. I will make it better when I have the time (maybe get a web host and create my own page).

While I take a moment to spruce up this page, feel free to browse my Facebook and MySpace profiles.

While you're at it, look at my crappy blogs: My Personal Blog and My HowTo Blog.

Oh, and for my vanity's sake, check out my Flickr page and Google Photos page for pictures. This is so old.

One more step to becoming a slave to Google.

2015 update: I am totally a slave to Google now that I've switched my domain to Google Domains. This page is so super old, ugly, and embarrassing that I'm not really sure why it's still here.

2018 update: Apparently rapt.com is a security threat now.

2021 update: Upgraded to new version of Google Sites. It lacks the... charm of the old one. Might as well go to my better site instead: https://JamesCarnley.eth (or https://JamesCarnley.eth.link on non-IPFS/Web3 enabled browsers)